1. What’s your minimum for pickup?
The minimum pickup for laundry is 15 lbs (smaller loads may be picked up, but you’ll be charged for 15 lbs). For dry cleaning, pickup has a 5 garment minimum.
2. What’s your turnaround time?
Laundry can be scheduled for same-day delivery for average loads (pick up before noon) or next-day delivery for air dried or heavy items like comforters.
Dry cleaning requires 3 business days or more, depending on special needs.
3. How far do you pick up orders?
We pick up in zip codes 10012, 10013, 10014, 10002, 10003, and 10009.
If you’re out of our pickup range, you can drop off our store location.
We also accept urban messengers via Uber or Postmates for both pickup and delivery.
4. How quickly do you pick up or drop off?
We proud to be a local business, so we can normally pick up/drop off within 40 minutes to an hour from your request.  For doorman buildings, please leave a message with the concierge.
5. What’s the best way to reach you?
Call, text, or online here!
6. Is your cleaning method eco-friendly?
Absolutely. We’ve been eco-friendly since our business opened. Our dry cleaning is Perc free, and everything we use to pack garments is biodegradable. For laundry, we provide natural soap and softener as eco-friendly options.
7. Do you clean leather, fur, or carpet?
Yes. We recommend bringing such items to our store location for an inspection as some items may not be safe to clean. Typical turnaround will be 7-10 days in the spring/winter and 15-20 days in the summer.
(The plant opens on alternate weeks in the summer due to high temperatures).
8. My location is out of your pickup range, but I would like to use your service. Are there any options for me?
You can call us if you think you have order over $200, or you can use Uber rush service.
9. I have personal inquiries or special requests for my laundry. What should I do?
We will grant all of your personal laundry requests. If your inquiries are complex, use our laundry menu to submit the order, or call a store location to speak to one of our specialists.
Any other questions?  Contact us.
1. Is it possible to drop in for a bridesmaid or wedding dress alteration?
Please call us to make an appointment with at least 3 weeks for turnaround time.
2. How long does it take to do a simple hemming, suit alteration, or sewing ?
The typical turnaround is 2-3 business days for simple alterations. We recommend calling a store location for the most accurate estimate.
3. Do you do button sewing and/or patching?
Absolutely, we do any kind of tailoring to remodel your garments per your body requirements.
4. Do you repair bags?
Sorry, we don’t at this time.