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Same day laundry nyc, laundry pick up and drop off service for Soho, Noho, East Village, West Village, Nolita, Union Square and Tribeca neighborhoods, zip codes 10002, 1003, 10009 and 10012, 10013, 10014 in New York City.


$2.75/lb. (Minimum 15 lbs.)

This is BBL’s premium laundry service, perfect for customers who don’t have time to research complicated instructions. Just choose your care package and the Laundry Doctor will sort your load garment by garment, giving each item customized care.


All packages include:
Air Dry
Stain Treatment
Delicate Care
Lint Removal
Shrink Wrap Underwear


best laundry service nyc 2018, ironing service, wash and fold, luxury laundry service delivery with a bespoke laundry service in which you can choose your favorite soap and softener


Drop Off:  $1.75/lbs (Minimum 10 lbs)
Pick Up & Delivery: $2.00/lbs (Minimum 15 lbs)

With BBL's fully custom wash & fold service, you can choose your soaps, your separates, and any extras or alterations you need.  

See our Soap List

Separate Wash (Two Loads): $4.00
White Clinic: starts at $6.00 minimum
Double Cycle (Wash Twice): $4.00
Air Dry: ¢.95 per item (Multiple small items will be counted as one)
Mens’ Shirts (wash & press): $3.75
Vinegar Shot: $1.75 per load (removes residue of soap/softener)
Soap/Softener by request: $1.25-$2.00 per load

Comforters: (*Down comforters add $10*)
Double: $20
Queen: $30
King: $40
Mats: Small: $3 / Large: $6


Top-notch laundry and alteration services for demanding customers in New York City.


Prices listed are base price per unit.

Pants Hem: $22 - $25
Original Hem: $30 - $35
Pants Taper: $28
Crotch Patch: $30 - $45
Pants Zipper: $25 - $35
Skirt/Dress Hem: $25 - $35
Jacket Sleeve Take-In: $45 - $55
Jacket Waist Take-In: $35 - $45
Jacket Side Seams: $30
Jacket Shorten Length: $55 - $65
Simple Sewing: $6
Bridal: $200 up


laundry specialist, ironing shirts. Delivery laundry service and dry cleaning in New York Manhattan


Prices listed are base price per unit.
All prices subject to change based on fabric material.
We clean leather, fur, and couture garments.
Call for more details.

Shirts/Blouses: $8
Pants: $8
Jeans: $9
Dresses: $16
Sweaters: $8.50
Cardigans: $10.50
Two-Piece Suits: $19
Jackets: $15
Ties: $7
Outer Jackets: $17
Full Coats: $35
¾ Coats: $20
Down Jackets: $35
Moncler/Canada Goose Jackets: $50


Laundry doctor and premium whitening treatment white clinic in nyc, New York


Starts at $6.00, minimum

We presoak your whites in hot water with OxiClean™ 
for hours and wash with your favorite detergent.

It’s chlorine-free & color safe.

Presoaking loosens embedded soils, stains, and breaks down protein that can’t be removed by regular washing. Our White Clinic will keep your whites white and bring your faded whites back to life again! Just request us to add White Clinic to your wash.


White Vinegar kills odor bacteria mold and germs, set colors and brightens whites. Is a natural clothing softener.


  • Kills odor-causing bacteria, mold, and germs

  • Set colors and brightens whites

  • Removes Soap/Softener residue

  • Is a natural clothing softener

Strongly recommend on towels, undies, comforter, work out gears, and for those who live with pets and allergies.